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My name is Mariangel Diaz and I started dancing since the age of four 
years old and have been in love with dance ever since. I’m currently a 
senior at Florida International University majoring in business and I 
absolutely love it. I have been teaching since I was 16 years old and I have grown a passion for choreographing and teaching. I’m trained in tap, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, ballet and jazz funk. I have competed in various dance competition and have achieved many awards and recognition. I have traveled to many places within Florida and places out of state such as Virginia Beach and New York for dance workshops and competitions.


In 2017 I performed in El Classico for Marc Anthony and it was an experience of a lifetime. I have had the privilege of choreographing many dance routines for groups, duets and solos under many genres such as tap, contemporary, jazz/jazz funk and hip-hop.


In 2019 I choreographed a winning 1st place piece for the Living Dolls Dance factory for the company dancers and they were invited to nationals. I continue to create pieces for dancers and it’s something really rewarding that I get to do. 

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